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 The Black Friday Pro Music Bundle Will Help You Mix, Master, and Release Professional Music That Gets Heard and Helps You Build a Musical Career as an Artist and Freelancer

  • The Mix Walkthrough Vault shows you advanced mixing tricks from records that have been played on the radio ($450 Value)
  • Master Your Mixes - Make Pro Records shows you how to add that final 10% to your mixes to make them sound mastered and release-worthy ($197 value)
  • ​The Mix Business Blueprint  shows you how to go pro with your music, whether you want to promote your music as an artist or attract clients as a freelancer ($499 value)
  • Plus: Seven exclusive free bonuses to help you mix, master, and release better music that makes an impact.

Three Courses and Seven Bonuses Worth $1,525 for Only $97!

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The 3 Simple Secrets Separating the amateurs from the pros
From: Björgvin Benediktsson

Dear friend,

If you're like most aspiring musicians and producers who want to go pro with their music, there comes a time when you've had enough.

Enough of the muddy mixes that make you feel discouraged.

Enough of the quiet and amateur music that gets ignored.

Enough of the negative bank balance because you can't make money from your music or attract clients into your studio.

Or even worse, saying goodbye to your dream of going pro every time you go to your day job.

So I hope this message will kick you into gear to stand up and say, 
And hopefully that happens to you before you turn into an old man from the sixties...😜

I know what it's like.

Before I worked as a professional audio engineer, toured as a full-time musician, or ran a six-figure music business, I spent a lot of time just learning about it.

I read all the books on the topics. I watched all the videos from the pros. I even spent $20,000+ on audio school.

And throughout the process I kept passing on my knowledge to you so that you could make radio-ready music that gets heard.

Music that helps you build a career, whether you want to be a full-time artist or a freelance engineer working with other musicians.

And the biggest problem I see with my students who fail to go pro is this:

They hope things will magically happen instead of taking action to make it happen.

It's scary to think about how many musicians and producers will fail this year just from inaction.

And if you're tired of getting passed over and want to start succeeding with your music, here are the three secrets that separate the amateurs from the pros.

Unlocking these secrets is the key to help you make sure your records sound great everywhere so that you can confidently make a career from your music, without buying more gear or investing in a $20,000 commercial studio.

Use Mixing Techniques That Make Release-Worthy Mixes

If you've already got the basics of mixing down, but somehow your music isn't sounding as good as the records you love, don't worry.

You might be doing everything right, but a balanced mix is a boring mix.

That's when you need something extra. 

When you add advanced mixing tricks to your skill-set...tricks that I've discovered from Grammy award-winning professional producers and engineers...your records are guaranteed to explode out of the speakers.

Bu that's not enough to create professional music.

You also need to...

Add the Final 10% To Your Mixes So That Your Music Stands Out and Competes With Commercial Records

Mastering is the best way to take all of your mixes and transform them into pro and radio-ready records so that they sound like your favorite songs.

If you’d like to take your finished mixes and feel confident that they stand up against the commercial records you compare them to, learning how to master your mixes is guaranteed to skyrocket the professional quality of your music.

This used to be the domain of the mastering engineer, the voodoo magic Jedi lord who knew all the secrets to loud and powerful records.

Not anymore.

Now you can do it too, even if you don't have a high-end mastering studio or expensive outboard gear.

Today, you have access to all of the technology you need to create professional-sounding, radio-ready records in your home studio, and that includes the final mastering polish you need to do if you ever want your mixes to compare to commercial records.

Once you've got those two things down, the third part of the equation is this:

Promote Your Music, Earn an Income and Go Pro With Your Work

If you’re already making music in your studio but can’t seem to find the success you’re looking for, it’s NOT because your music skills aren’t amazing.

Music skills are only one side of the coin and you need an entirely different skill set to get your studio off the ground.

Music skills are one thing. Business and marketing skills are a completely different beast.

And I would know. I have a diploma in audio production as well as a dual degree in Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and those topics couldn't be more different.

Whether you're promoting your music as an artist or want to build a portfolio of work as a freelancer, this is the last step to going pro.

But sadly, that's where most people fail.

They get too wrapped up with imposter syndrome and never do the necessary promotion to get heard.

Or even worse, they think that their music skills should get discovered on their own without needing to do any marketing or promotion.

Sadly, this never works.

Chances are, your music skills are already good enough to make money from, but what you're lacking are the business skills that help you get people actually interested in working with you.

Even if you think you're not talented enough to turn pro, I guarantee that you already have the skill necessary to make a side-income from your studio.

Even if you’re stuck in the middle of Boondocks, Nowhere, USA you can still find clients.

Even if you’re the only person who likes your particular genre of avant-garde shoegaze jazz you can still find a scene online that loves your music.

And even if your city is so saturated with recording studios that you wouldn’t know how to compete, you can still make money from your passion.

And marketing doesn't have to be hard, annoying, or feel sleazy to do.

Just like I’ve broken down complex mixing techniques into easy to use, practical production tips that you can use right away to improve your music productions, I've done the same thing so you can build your career.

I want you to have the exact process you need to turn your hobby home studio into a successful music business.

And the process I'm about to share with you is the SAME process I’ve learned from over ten years of business experience and $90,000 in business education so that you can design the lifestyle that you want. 

The Quick and Easy Way For You To Create Release-Ready Music and Go Pro With Your Skills

Out of ALL the advice you can find online about making great music that helps you build a career, it only comes down to these three things:
  • Create amazing mixes that sound unique and different
  • Master your mixes so that they sound like professional records
  • Take action to promote and market yourself so that you can go pro with your music
So...this Black Friday, I'm putting together three programs that help you achieve all that.
Introducing: The Pro Music Bundle
Swipe My Advanced Mixing Secrets, Transform Your Mixes into Professionally Mastered Records, and Go Pro With Your Production Skills
Only $1,146 $97!

Plus: 7 Free Bonuses Worth $379!

Here's What You'll Get Inside the Pro Music Bundle:
THE MIX WALKTHROUGH VAULT - Advanced mixing secrets from radio-ready music ($450 VALUE)
Want to see the exact settings I used in my sessions to create release-worthy records that get played on the radio? 

Take a virtual seat next to me in the studio where I dive deep into six different songs and show you exactly how to mix six different genres from start to finish, showing you exactly what plug-ins I used to transform a rough recording into a finished mix.

You'll get 6 in-depth videos on rock, pop, hip-hop, folk, singer-songwriter jazz, and country blues including the practice multi-tracks as well as the mastered reference mixes to compare your mixes to.
Artists featured in the mix walkthrough vault who had their mixes played on the radio:
-Chris McConville, Indie Artist, U.K.
"it's a dream come true to get this song sounding so good."

"Wow! It’s done and dusted! What can I say, it's an absolutely fantastic mix/master. It's a dream come true to get [Fire] sounding so good. It's perfect! It has a great balance and you can hear everything. I think you have done a fantastic job. I can hear that you have implemented all the aspects that you talk about and teach thru Audio Issues. It sounds amazing and really consistent on a number of different speakers. The mix is a nice celebration of the guitars and the song and vocals come to the fore which is the main objective and it is a joy to hear with your mix."
-Eric L'Esperance, Eric & Ash (The Promise is Hope), Massachusetts.
“Thanks again for selecting the tune. "Simon, Taylor, Denver, Cash" is our best single release ever. 

Our listeners have been sending us messages about the tune, and are gushing on the song. So many folks are talking about how beautiful it sounds. I know that the work we did recording and arranging played a large part, but your mixing/mastering job was the icing on the cake. That was the first song I ever recorded myself, and along with that came a whole bunch of doubt. I just didn’t know if I was capable of recording quality enough tracks on my own. Hearing your mix come back sounding professional and legit gave me the confidence to continue investing in this journey. This has been a dream of mine for several years, and your role has encouraged me in a deeply meaningful way. Your mentorship has been instrumental and hugely impactful and I know our future albums will have your thumbprint all over them."
Here's What You'll Learn From the Mix Walkthrough Vault:
  • At last! Find out what hundreds of other successful mixing engineers know about creating a driving drum sound that cuts through the mix
  • ​See the rock walkthrough to discover a little-known way to reduce the woofy sound from your kick drum
  • Revealed: How to REALLY EQ and compress your drums to get a big and beefy snare
  • ​Here's how the professional mixing engineers use analog emulation and saturation throughout a mix
  • The real secret to making your bass cut through on small speakers - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked parallel saturation and EQ trick will make your cut through without overloading the low-mids
  • ​How to use amp simulators on vocals to create distant call and response effects
  • Here's a sneaky little trick you can use immediately on guitars to make the last chorus hit the hardest
  • ​Here's how to use your client's reference mix to get a good starting balance - almost guaranteeing that you'll impress them with your mix
  • ​Here's the quick and easy way to process your tracks, especially when your recordings sound stellar
  • ​How to use reverb to make big and spacious mixes that don't sound washed out
  • ​How to use multiple small mid-frequency boosts to help the bass cut through
  • ​My go-to "vocal cut-through" trick I use on almost every mix
  • ​How to use artificial harmonics with an exciter to add brightness and presence
  • ​How to use diffuse stereo delays with spacious reverbs
  • Here's the dead-simple way to tame harshness in your vocals
  • ​Why giving yourself limitations can make for a fun mixing experience
  • ​Why using a channel strip plug-in can help you avoid mixing with your eyes
  • ​What Paul McCartney's bass sound can teach you about making your bass cut through the mix without getting in the way of the vocal
  • ​How to mix backup vocals that sound like they're blooming in the background
  • ​An Abbey Road reverb mixing trick that doesn't always work if you're not careful with your EQ
  • ​How the microphone placement on an amp simulator can drastically change your guitar sound
  • ​You'll learn the easiest way to make your vocals sound steady in the mix so that they don't get drowned out by the rest of your instruments
  • ​How I use frequency analyzers, dynamic range meters and loudness tools to check streaming levels so that your mixes don't get turned down by Spotify
  • ​How to use the attack and release on the overhead compressor to add sheen to your cymbals
  • You'll find an easy way to take advantage of your stock amp sims to create edgy and unique vocals, fast!
  • ​How to get your mixes to sound dynamic, punchy, and loud with mix-bus processing
  • ​See the hip-hop walkthrough to discover an unusual way to make your 808s thick and punchy without muddying up the mix
  • ​Audio educators have lied to you about only using reverbs and delays as sends. Here's the easy way to create depth using delays as inserts and how it created a three-dimensional mix in no time
  • ​You'll discover my  two-step panning process to get two lead vocals to sit together at the front of the mix - this is the easy way to get two vocals to play nice together
  • ​You'll find out how to master the art of mixing to make your mixes unique, interesting, and professional in as little as a few hours!
This four-module course will explain everything you need to know about mastering so you can confidently release your records, knowing that they sound just as loud and powerful as the records you hear on the radio.
  • What exactly is Mastering and how you can use it to make your mixes sound like professional, release-worthy records
  • ​If you think you can't get professional-sounding music without using an expensive mastering engineer, think again! You're about to learn the simple way to make your mixes stand up to professional records!
  • ​You'll find out how to get professionally mastered, punchy and loud records, without needing to hire an expensive mastering engineer
  • ​You'll learn the exact reason why you should (and when you shouldn't!) master your own mixes
  • ​Discover the Secret Weapon for LOUD Masters (that happen during the mixing phase)
  • ​No more guesswork! You'll get instant access to my simple, 3-step formula for mastering your mixes punchy and loud
  • ​You'll find out how to quickly recognize what plug-ins are best for mastering (and plug-ins you should avoid).
  • ​Get a list of the best metering plug-ins you need to use to make your mixes sound dynamic AND loud. If you're not using the right meters you're flying blind into Spotify-squashing territory.
  • Beware of this common EQ mistake - and learn to avoid it so you can use the right EQ in your mastering​
  • ​How Linear Phase EQ can get you better results in your mastering
  • ​Are you bad at using multi-band compression? Here's a fast and easy way to use multi-band compression to so that you can squeeze your mix just right without sucking the life out of it
  • ​How to Use Limiting (so that you can make your mixes loud and powerful without sounding squashed and lifeless, or worse...turned down by streaming services)
  • ​In just a few hours from now, you could be mastering your mixes and making them sound better than you've ever made them before - click the orange button below to find out how!

You'll also get mastering walkthroughs from select students, with music ranging from jazz and folk to indie rock so that you can see a broad selection of different genres.

At the end of this course bundle, you'll have advanced mixing tips to take your music to the next level and all the knowledge you need to create loud and powerful records, no matter what genre you're working in.

-Simon Rider, Electronic Music Producer, U.K.
The ‘Master Your Mixes’ course contains so much invaluable information and, perhaps more importantly, shows how you can produce release-ready tracks with just the stock plugins in your DAW. My mixes have improved vastly in a short space of time, with not only loudness but depth and clarity too."
THE MIX BUSINESS BLUEPRINT - Transform your audio skills Into income ($499 Value)
I want you to have the exact process you need to turn your hobby home studio into a successful music business.

So, I distilled the most important pieces of knowledge from the last ten years and put them into a simple program that can kickstart your studio’s success.

The Mix Business Blueprint will teach you how to get more clients, even if you’re starting out and don’t know how to promote yourself or your studio.

Whether you're looking for more listeners for your music or more clients for your studio, this will help.

Even if you’re scared you’re not talented enough, you’ll learn my proven framework for finding a profitable idea that people pay for.

Even if you don’t want to quit your day job but would like some extra income, you'll learn how to set up the systems you need so that your music studio can consistently generate new clients and customers on autopilot

And if you're already recording clients but you don't feel like you're getting paid what your worth, it's time for a change.

The Mix Business Blueprint teaches you the same process I've taught musicians, producers, music teachers, startups, and small businesses, as well as university students studying entrepreneurship..

I charge thousands of dollars for this type of advice in 1-on-1 settings and the course is easily valued at $499.
INSIDE the mix business blueprint you'll learn...
  • Give me an hour and I'll show you the exact process I've used to find over 13,000 customers for my music business.
  • ​The ONLY Two Levers of Running a Successful Project Studio
  • The Upside-Down Method for Finding the Right Customers for You
  • ​The Framework for Understanding Your Clients so You Know Where to Find Them
  • ​Fill-In-the-Blanks Customer Avatar Exercise to Help You Get Laser-Focused on Your Ideal Client
  • ​How To Safely Ignore All the Customers that Aren't Right for You
  • ​How to Find the Right Marketing Strategy for You so You Get More Gigs Without Feeling Overwhelmed
  • How To Pandemic-Proof Your Income With the Right Business Systems
  • ​How to Find the Right Products and Services You Can Offer, Even if You're Just Starting Out
  • ​The 7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Go Pro
  • ​The Business Idea Matrix that Helps You Find a Profitable Idea
  • The 6 Products You Can Create from ONE Product Idea
  • ​A Detailed Walkthrough of The Exact Tools You Need to Create an Online Sales System
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Six-Figure Business System and How You Can Copy It for Your Own Success
-Chris Graham, Mastering Engineer and Co-Host of the Six Figure Home Studio/Creative Podcast, Columbus, Ohio.
"Like most audio engineers, I tend to be a little more audio-nerd than entrepreneur. Because of this, I frequently have "small business blind-spots" which Björgvin has helped me to see and overcome. When he speaks, I take notes. His advice on writing and email marketing have dramatically changed my business. I don’t think anyone has anywhere near as much experience as he does...He has had a huge impact on me learning how to write decent emails and the the benefit to my business was just bananas. It was tens of thousands of dollars in extra business just from like random people that had forgotten about me. It was weird how it instantly worked!"
  • 4 Easy Steps to Create Your Online Platform, Even if You're Overwhelmed With All the Technology You Need
  • ​Easy Steps to Create Your Online Presence, Even if You Don't Know What Content to Create
  • ​The 6-Step Content Plan You Can Steal From Me That I've Been Using for 10 Years
  • ​The Counter-intuitive Way to Find Success on Social Media
  • ​How To Create an Online Marketing Machine That Works For You When You're Busy Working With Clients
  • The #1 Benefit of Email Marketing for Music Producers (And Why It's the BEST Marketing Strategy in the Galaxy)
  • ​How to Use Emails to Create Customers on Autopilot Without Feeling Sleazy and Spammy
  • ​How to Start and Grow Your Email List
  • ​The Set It and Forget Strategy for Email Marketing
  • ​How to Get People to Actually Sign Up for Your Email List and OPEN Your Emails!
  • ​How to Write the Most Important Email You'll Ever Create
  • ​The Continuous-Content-Loop So You Never Run Out of New Ideas for Content
-Chris Selim, Music Producer and Youtuber behind the Mixdown Online Youtube channel, Montreal, Canada 
"With his online business experience and achievements, Björgvin has been a real model to follow. The content he provides is phenomenal and helps me a lot by giving me ideas and direction on how to organize, monetize and implement my online platform as an artist and entrepreneur. He helped me tweak the sales page copy for my first online course launch I did via email and it wouldn't have been the same without him. That course sold over $14,000 in the first couple weeks."

PLUS: It Wouldn't Be a Black Friday Bundle if You Didn't Get ALL These Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Six Practice Multi-Tracks ($57 Value)

Get the six practice multi-tracks from the Mix Walkthrough Vault (Alt Pop, Country Blues, Folk, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Singer-Songwriter Jazz)

That way you can practice your mixing and follow along with the Mix Walkthrough Vault videos, replicating my settings with your own plug-ins (or coming up with a completely different mix of your own).

Bonus #2: Six Mastered Reference Mixes ($27 Value)

Get the mastered reference mixes from the final mastered records so you can compare your own mixes to the released records so you KNOW when your mixes are good enough.

You'll get mastered reference tracks for Alt Pop, Country Blues, Folk, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Singer-Songwriter Jazz

Bonus #3: Mix Template Masterclass ($37 Value)

In this 45-minute masterclass you'll learn how to set up and create a mix template that speeds up your workflow so that you can get better mixes in less time.

Discover exactly what plug-ins you should be using in your mix template to get a good rough mix immediately.

Bonus #4 - Mastering Q&A Call and Mix Feedback Replays ($97 Value)

Watch the mastering Q&A replays as well as the mix feedback replay where I walk through 12 different mixes and give in-depth feedback on how to improve. 

That way you can use some of the specific tips I talk about to improve your mixes.

Bonus #5: 4-Week Record Release Strategy ($97 Value)

The 4-Week Record Release Strategy helps you create a successful release strategy for your newly mixed and mastered song. If you're overwhelmed with all the different things you need to do to effectively promote your next song, don't worry. 

You'll get one Action Item to do every day for the four weeks (excluding weekends!) so that you can slowly but surely get everything situated before you release your next record.

This masterclass is usually only for Insiders but you get it free as a part of the bundle!

Bonus #6: How To Use Reference Tracks ($47 Value)

This training helps you understand how to use reference tracks to both improve your mixes and get them sounding as good as professional records. If you want your mixes and masters to compete with the professional releases you hear on the radio, the easiest way to do that is to use those same commercial recordings to get your mixes as close as possible to their sound. This training will help you to that.

Bonus #7: The Recording Studio Rates Calculator - Find the Right Price to Charge For Your Sessions ($17 Value)

If you don't know what to charge for your work, you're not alone. Finding the right rate is one of the most nerve-wracking things you'll do in the studio. 

With the recording studio rate calculator you'll know exactly what to charge for your sessions, even if you've never been paid for your studio work before.

If you want an easy way to estimate the price of your sessions then the Studio Rate Calculator will help you find a profitable price that works for you.
Get the Pro Music Bundle Today And Start Releasing High-Quality Records to Build Your Music Career
Our training materials have helped 15,000 (and counting!) musicians, producers, and engineers make a bigger impact with their music.

Whether you're working on demos for your band or mixing records for your clients, The Pro Music Bundle will help you transform your rough recordings into professionally produced mixes you'll be proud to release. 

If you want your music to be successful and go pro with your audio skills, it's all about turning your recordings into radio-ready mixes, making those mixes sound like professional records, and then building a career on top of your body of work, the Pro Music Bundle is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a pro studio?
That's great! I am teaching you everything I’ve learned from mixing music and going full-time in my home studio so that you can do the same in yours, even if you don’t have fancy acoustic treatment or a professionally tuned room! 
I only do [insert random music genre here]. Will this help me?
My students work in every style of music, from rock, country and folk to EDM, hip-hop, and pop.  Check out the screenshot below of my Spotify playlist from Insiders who have successfully used my methods to release their records.
Do I Need Specific Plug-ins or Software?
Not at all. You can use any plug-ins you have available. In the Mix Walkthrough Vault and Master Your Mixes courses I use a combination of a few plug-ins which you probably have similar versions of so you can use whatever you have access to in your DAW to get great results. I teach the method and the process, not how to use a particular plug-in so you'll get everything you need to know to get great mixes, regardless of what plug-ins you have.
Is this only for beginners?
This is for anyone who wants to make professional music they can be proud to release so that they can go pro with their audio skills.

If you're unhappy with where you're at with your mixing skills, or want to learn how to earn an income from your music, the Pro Music bundle will show you how.
Do you provide feedback or coaching on my mix?
If you have questions about anything in the modules you can leave a comment below every video and I'll do my best to get back to you. I reserve regular feedback and coaching for my Audio Issues Insiders members so if you'd like to add that to your purchase you can do so after the check-out process.

The Iron-Clad Audio Issues 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

As with all of the Audio Issues products, Black Friday Pro Music Bundle comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

If you think that my training didn't skyrocket the quality of your productions, simply email to let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that.

Here's to improving your mixes!
In this bundle you will get thousands of dollars of knowledge that is guaranteed to help you make better mixes, release professional records, and go pro with your music.

And all for only $97...which is less than a single high-quality plug-in bundle that you won't need.

Here's to improving your mixes!

Björgvin "Helping You Go Pro" Benediktsson


If you scrolled all the way to the bottom and missed all of the juicy information on this page, here's a quick recap for you:
  • The Mix Business Blueprint will teach you how to get more clients, even if you’re starting out and don’t know how to promote yourself or your studio.
  • In the Mix Walkthrough Vault, I walk you through six real-world radio-ready mixes, showing you exactly what plug-ins I used to get to a finished record.
  • Master Your Mixes will explain everything you need to know about mastering so you can confidently release your records, knowing that they sound just as loud and powerful as the records you hear on the radio.
  • ​You can get ALL of this with an incredible 365-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. So if you don't like the courses or all the free bonuses for whatever reason, I'll refund your $97 no questions asked.
  • ​So make sure you click the big orange button below to get this deal right now before it goes away on Friday!
About Your Instructor
Björgvin Benediktsson is an Icelandic-American author, educator, and entrepreneur. Björgvin has been an audio engineer since 2006 and has helped thousands of musicians, engineers and producers make a bigger impact with their music.

He is the author of multiple books, including the best-selling book Step By Step Mixing that simplifies complex audio jargon and transforms insecure musicians into confident mixing engineers. 
He has written over 1,000 articles on audio production and his training has been featured in publications such as MusicTech magazine, The Huffington Post, The Recording Revolution, SAE Institute, and Audiotuts+ to name a few.

As the founder of Audio Issues, Björgvin helps home studio musicians and project studio producers make a greater musical impact in their lives by teaching them the skills needed to grow their hobbies and careers. We do this by offering simple and practical music production and success skills they can use right away to level themselves up - while rejecting negativity and gear-shaming from the industry. 

As a digital strategist, he helps creative people transform their skills into income, grow their online business with digital products, and systemize their marketing to free up their time. He’s been a marketing strategist and mentor to multiple businesses, serves as a venture advisor at the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, and has been a guest speaker at Phoenix Startup Week, SAE Insitute Madrid, and the TENWEST Impact Festival. His latest book, You Get What You Give, teaches students the mindset that takes the sleaze out of marketing and selling, the success strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome, and the entrepreneurial principles needed to launch a profitable business.

When he's not helping musicians make better music he likes to hang out with his wife, daughter and dog in Tucson, AZ, drink craft beer, and read comic books.